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Black Lives Matter. That's a given, but how much do we value Black stories? What about Black creatives and innovators?

After working with Black creatives and innovators both in the US and Nigeria, creatives have made it clear that their content isn't respected as it should be. Thieves and copy cats use their content and pass it off as their own.

Sadly, there isn't enough money to hire competent lawyers to enforce their rights. That's why most entrepreneurs would rather:

1) Pretend their legal issues don't exist, or

2) Cobble together contracts, terms, and waivers from the internet.

In a lot of ways, Google can be your friend, but when it comes to legal protection, it isn't.

Protect Black Voices is stepping into the gap between Google and big law firms. This half-day workshop will give Black creatives in the US and Nigeria the information they need to know.

No jargon, no legalese, just straight talk.

Do you want to know what it takes to protect your creative business in the digital age?

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Live Workshop

February 25, 2021
11:00am Pacific Time

Program Includes:

  • Discussions with legal experts from the US and Nigeria
  • Conversations with creative entrepreneurs in blogging, media influencers, and comics
  • Q&A sessions with attorneys

Hosted by Chinwe Ohanele. Esq.

Content-junkie, writer, and life-long student of art and culture, Chinwe Ohanele is also an entrepreneur and practicing attorney licensed in NY, NJ & CA .

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